Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List

Winter is definitely not my favorite season, although it does have some great holidays. This Winter I’ve created a Winter Bucket List to help me make it through the cold weather and shorter days.

activities for winter bucket list

My Winter Bucket List

-Take the family on a Christmas Walk at Fantasy Trail

-Go on a Winter hike

-Buy some comfy pajamas 

-Read a newly released book

-Watch a Christmas movie

-Build a snowman with the kids

-Take the kids to see Christmas lights

-Go snowshoeing 

-Enjoy some white hot chocolate

-Attend a holiday party

-Visit family out of town

-Ask my wife to make hot cocoa cookies

-Make a list of things I want to accomplish next year

-Decorate the house for Christmas

-Take a hike while it’s snowing


Now it’s your turn. Make a Winter Bucket List of your own. Add in all the things that make Winter your favorite season, or at least the things that get you through it.



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