Tumwater Falls Park: Weekly Wander

Tumwater Falls Park: Weekly Wander

What a great place to take the family on a warm fall afternoon. At Tumwater Falls Park you’ll have the chance to enjoy the sounds and beauty of nature without ever leaving the city.

upper tumwater falls

We found this place on our quest to find an abandoned brewery. We did find the brewery, eventually. But first we found this wonderful slice of the outdoors in the middle of a city. Surprisingly, this is a pretty peaceful place.

Tumwater Falls Park

sign for tumwater falls


Tumwater Falls was the first European settlement in Western Washington. It became known as New Market. In 1896 there was a brew house constructed near the lower falls. It became the Olympia Brewing Company in 1902. When prohibition came about in 1916 the brewery shut down. When prohibition ended a new brewery was built just above Tumwater Falls. In 1962, the Olympia Brewing Company donated a large amount of the land surrounding the falls. Tumwater Falls Park was created on this land.


Free as a bird. Not a caged bird, a wild bird.


Besides all the beauty you encounter in the park you will also find a trail that runs along both sides of the river. If you drive about half a mile down from this park you will find the Tumwater Historical Park. This is where you will find a wonderful view of an abandoned brewery.

brewery at tumwater falls

This was a beautiful sight to see. Maybe even a great place for Fall family pictures.

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