Togo’s, What Happened To #15 Sicilian Chicken?

Togo’s, What Happened To #15 Sicilian Chicken?

Long, long ago in a land far, far away there was a naive teenager who believed in the magic of Togo’s. You may know of this land, they call it California.

In 2006 this teenager moved to a new land, a land without a Togo’s, a land called Idaho. Many many months the young teenager would travel back to the land of California to enjoy a #15 Sicilian Chicken sandwich with a cup of chili covered in cheese. This teenager eventually acquired a family which made monthly voyages back to the native land unattainable. But life went on.

The Day A Togo’s Sandwich Maker Crushed My Dreams

lego togo's sandwich maker

One day a big announcement is made. A Togo’s will soon appear on the streets of Idaho. The now no longer teenager shouted with joy. Her heart bursted with happiness.

That was until she finally got the chance to enter this once lost dream of a place called Togo’s…

No Longer Teenager: I would like a #15 Sicilian Chicken and a cup of chili with cheese.

Sandwich Maker: What’s that?

No Longer Teenager: What do you mean? It’s chicken with a delicious red sauce on white bread, preferably with provolone cheese atop.

Sandwich Maker: We don’t have that.

No Longer Teenager: Do you have anything like that?

Sandwich Maker/Dream Crusher: Not really.

And with that the once young naive teenager buried inside died. Her dreams of ever again enjoying the deliciousness of a #15 Sicilian Chicken sandwich have ended. Rage has filled her soul. She no longer shouts with joy, but instead shouts obscenities as she drives past the place she once saw as a safe haven.

Redeem yourselves Togo’s, redeem yourselves!

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