Pirtle Transfer Station: Weekly Wander

Pirtle Transfer Station: Weekly Wander

The best abandoned buildings are always found near railroad tracks. The Pirtle Transfer Station is no exception.

ferg at pirtle transfer station

We’ve been here at least three times since learning of its existence though an “abandoned” Facebook group. Each time we go the graffiti inside the building has changed. You can tell that it has been or is being used as a skate park, probably for local teenagers. Whoever they are, the lack of graffiti on the outside of the building shows they have a lot of respect for this place.

Pirtle Transfer Station

graffiti at pirtle transfer station


The Pirtle Transfer Station was part of the¬†Oregon Electric Railway. The railway, running from Portland to Salem, was expanded from Salem to Albany in 1912.¬† There isn’t much out there in terms of history of the station itself. There is however an abundance of information about the Oregon Electric Railway at American-Rails.com.


This will cost you nothing. You will have to walk along side the tracks to get to it. There aren’t any “no trespassing” signs but I am unsure of who the land belongs to. Just be respectful.


You’ll get to see the sights along the beautiful back country roads. If you time it right you might even get to chat with some of the people who live along the railroad. It’s always fun to hear stories about train cars derailing in your backyard in the middle of the night. There’s also a frog who lives right along the road. You might get a chance to visit him too. I named him Kermit. Please don’t remove him from his home.

steph at pirtle transfer station

Go check it out. I’ll let you find it on your own. It’s more fun that way.

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