Help Solve This Jif Peanut Butter Mystery

Help Solve This Jif Peanut Butter Mystery

I eat these Jif To-Go peanut butter packs regularly. I’m not sure if the mindfulness practicing I’ve been doing finally kicked in or what but I had a revelation.

As I opened a pack of Jif To-Go for a protein packed snack, it suddenly occurred to me that there is a small square in the middle of the lid that does not have peanut butter. A peanut butter free zone that you can find on every Jif To-Go lid. At least the hundred or so that I’ve eaten have had this same square.

The Jif Peanut Butter Mystery

Inside Jif Peanut Butter

Naturally I wanted to share my finding with other humans because, well, I was shocked. Seeing as how I was at work, the first person to approach me after this finding was an inmate. He was not as shocked by the phenomenon and seemed slightly annoyed that I had brought it to his attention. Probably because he can’t get Jif To-Go in prison.

With no one to discuss this matter with I took to searching the internet. While I didn’t find anything on the company website addressing how this phenomenon occurs I did find a Reddit feed about it: My Friend’s Lid Has A Perfect Peanut Butter Rectangle On It – Reddit

Reddit being what it is, I was greeted with many theories surrounding the mysterious peanut butter free square but no one had a straight answer.

So I went to the source. I logged into Twitter and messaged @Jif with this:

Twitter message inquiring about peanut butter mystery

They have yet to respond but my curiosity will not let this mystery go unsolved.

If you have any information regard the process that would allow this phenomenon to occur please contact me via email or through any of the following social networks:

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