Milagra Ridge Military Reservation: Weekly Wander

Milagra Ridge Military Reservation: Weekly Wander

Our discovery of Nike missile sites lead us here. But Milagra Ridge is so much more than just a missile site.

inside the battery at milagra ridge

Although Nike Missile Site SF-51 is what originally brought us to this location, Battery 244 is what really grabbed out attention once we were there. We were disappointed to see that the structures from the missile site were demolished but we did enjoy the discovery of abandoned history.

Milagra Ridge Military Reservation

the kids at milagra ridge


In 1942 the US Military acquired 330 acres of land in Pacifica, California as part of a defense project for the San Francisco Bay. The construction of Battery 244, a site for two mounted guns, began shortly after the land was acquired. The construction wasn’t finished before the end of World War 2. The battery was shut down in 1950 only two years after the guns were finally mounted. During the Cold War, Nike Missile Site SF-51 was constructed at Milagra Ridge. What now remains of the Nike Missile site is two concrete slabs. The buildings have been demolished and the missile lift elevators have been filled in.




You will get to an extraordinary, peaceful hike when you travel here. There is a variety of hiking trails intertwined throughout the ridge. When you get to the top of the ridge you will find a breathtaking view of Pacifica and the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean.

the view from milagra ridge

If you aren’t interested in the history of this place, at least check it out for the view. The view alone is worth it.

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