35 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

35 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

My wife doesn’t realize how special she truly is. So today, on her birthday, I am telling the world 35 reasons why I love my wife.

another reason I love my wife

35 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

My wife is beautiful

She is kind

Her smile lights up a room

She is an amazing mother to our 3 kids

my wife and our daughters

My wife can’t drive past a homeless person without giving them money or food

She is thoughtful

Her laugh is contagious

I love my wife because she is loyal

My wife supports me in everything that I do

She thinks I’m funny

Her heart is always in the right place

My wife is dedicated

She never stops trying to do more for our family

my wife and our family

My wife loves to bake

She always bakes enough cake and cookies to give away to friends and neighbors

Her cauliflower macaroni and cheese is to die for

She loves me even though 99.8 percent of the time I’m crazy

My wife agreed to uproot our lives twice basically because I was bored at my job

Her dancing skills are phenomenal even though she only dances when no ones watching

I love my wife because she loves E-40

My wife would take in every stray animal and parent-less kids in the world if she could

She continues to see the good in people no matter how off course they may be

My wife plays “Let It Be” for me when she knows I’m about to have a panic attack

Her wisdom balances out my unrealistic views on life

me and my wife

She would move into a motor-home with me and our three kids if I asked, but I won’t ask (been there, done that)

My wife likes to listen to Garth Brooks

She loves pizza as much as I do, even though it took some convincing

My wife likes to cook

She never minds making 2 separate dinners to make sure I have something carb-free to eat

Her hair always smells nice, even though she says I’m weird when I say that

My wife is basically a bad ass

She yells at people and honks the car horn for me when I’m being passive aggressive

I love my wife because she is funny

She is an extremely talented photographer.

My wife is the most amazing wife ever.


So there you have it. I could go on and on but 35 seems like a PERFECT number to me!

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  1. Oh that was an Awesome Tribute to your Wife☆☆Let me say short time we have known y’all most of your loves about your wife we have gotten the joy to see and oh the baking!! Guess who🤓

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