Last Minute Trips, The Best Way To Travel

Last Minute Trips, The Best Way To Travel

A majority of the adventures we take are last minute trips. While most often they are day trips, sometimes we like to spread those out into weekend trips. I’m going to give you a step by step tutorial for last minute trips. First let me tell you about a few real life examples of last minute trips.

Examples Of Last Minute Trips

last minute trip to montana

Example One

We came home from a trip to see our family, who at the time lived four hours away. On our drive into town all you could see was smoke. We were all bummed to be home and surrounded by wildfires. Before we even hit the driveway at our house we had decided to drive seven hours through the night to get to Seattle. We were home for the hour it took us to re-pack the car and head out.We were in search of fresh air. Regardless of Seattle’s population there is always fresh air because it rains too much to accumulate smog.

Example Two

Another time we were grocery shopping about an hour from home (yes that was the closest grocery store) and decided to head to Spokane to see what it was like. What else is there to do when you’re bored on a Friday night. We told the kids to grab a change of clothes and made the three-hour drive to Spokane. It was a nice little overnight vacation.

Step-by-Step Guide

last minute trip to northern idaho

Step One

No matter what, when you’re done reading this post you will be leaving on a trip. I don’t usually condone calling in to work but you may have to in this case. Once you’ve finished this article go tell you spouse, kids, friends, that you are leaving on a trip. At this point the destination doesn’t matter. The important part is making your intentions known.

Step Two

Grab a change of clothes for yourself and everyone that will be accompanying you. If you decide to make it a two nighter you can find a laundromat or wash your dirty clothes in a creek. Now throw those clothes in the closest bag you can find.

Step Three

You will need snacks. This can be done one of two ways. If you’re on a budget grab anything in the kitchen that can be eaten on the road. If you have time and money you can make a pit stop at the grocery store on your way out-of-town. Throw all the food in a bag as well.

Step Four

Now that you have your clothes and food, grab any essential. Phone charger, required medication, toothbrush, are all essentials. A week’s worth of clothes and two extra pairs of shoes are not essentials. Throw these items in one of the two bags you already have prepared.

Step Five

Get everyone and the bags in the vehicle. Don’t forget to lock the front door. There is no turning around once you’ve left. This will only allow you time to second guess your decision to leave so suddenly.

Step Six 

Now that you’re road ready, pick your destination. I suggest if you are tight on cash to travel somewhere you can stay for free. We often find ourselves in cities where friends and family live. In this case give them a call and say “we’re going to be in town tonight and need a place to stay”. Don’t ask, just imply that the plan has already been made. If you have money for a hotel for the night, the sky’s the limit. Get on a site like Priceline and take advantage of your “last minute” status with great hotel deals.

Step Seven

Enjoy! See the sights. Eat food from places they don’t have where you live. Return home when you feel it is necessary.

last minute trip to canada

We’ve never been good at planning trips. Maybe it’s because my chosen career field comes with an ever-changing schedule. I know one thing though, it’s just more fun this way. Our kids are always excited about our trips. It’s a surprise for them every time. Sometime we don’t even tell them where we are going.

I hope last minute traveling is as good to you as it’s been to us. See you down the road. Happy Wanderings!

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