Larwood Wayside: Weekly Wander

Larwood Wayside: Weekly Wander

Sometimes the best way to explore new places is to get lost. That’s how we found Larwood Wayside.

Kids at Larwood wayside

On our way home from a hike at McDowell Creek Falls we lost cell phone service. The map wouldn’t load to get us home. I navigated the roads the best I could remember but still ended up making a wrong turn somewhere. That’s when we ended up on a covered bridge tour leading us right to this wonderful park.

Larwood Wayside

larwood wayside sign


Larwood Wayside is just a few miles outside of Scio, Oregon. It was once the site of Larwood, Oregon. The town is no longer there. What remains is a beautiful park and a covered bridge built in 1939.


Just the way I like it, Free!


Here you will find the only place in the United States where a river, the Roaring River, flows into a creek. Just across Crabtree Creek you can see the remains of a power plant. There are picnic tables, firepits, and plenty of shade for a nice Summer day. Swimming and fishing are also an option in the creek and river next to the park.

park at larwood wayside

If you are looking for a little bit of peace but don’t want to travel to far into the wilderness to find it, this is your place.

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