Oregon’s Haunted Trestle: Weekly Wander

Oregon’s Haunted Trestle: Weekly Wander

First of all, not to burst your bubble, I don’t think Oregon’s haunted trestle is actually haunted. Now that we’ve got that over with…

Ferg at oregon's haunted trestle

We took a drive to explore something else train related and ended up here instead. I like those kind of adventures. When we got there I realized my fear of heights was not limited to being up high but also included looking up at tall structures. It’s tall, very tall. I can see why legends exist of people committing suicide from the trestle. If your neck doesn’t break when the rope tightens the fall will surely kill you.

Oregon’s Haunted Trestle

middle of oregon's haunted trestle


You will find this trestle in Helvetia, Oregon, or as google maps would have it, Hillsboro. The Holcomb Creek Trestle was built in the early 1900’s and is still in operation today. The track is now Portland and Western Railroad owned by¬†Genesee & Wyoming Inc.


FREE! Except, of course, the gas money it will take to get you there.


If the trestle itself isn’t of interest to you, the country side it sites in will be. It’s beautiful out there. There are even wild blackberries growing alongside the road. It would probably be a nice place for a picnic if it wasn’t so ominous.

side of oregon's haunted trestle


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