Spirit of HalloweenTown: Weekly Wander

Spirit of HalloweenTown: Weekly Wander

Want the real HalloweenTown experience? We found it. And just in time for Halloween.

Kids at Halloweentown

We’ve been wanting to go to the real HalloweenTown since we lived in Idaho. We never did end up making the trip. Now that we live just a short drive from it we thought we’d take an adventure.

Spirit of HalloweenTown

entrance of HalloweenTown


The Disney movie series HalloweenTown was filmed in St. Helen’s, Oregon. Every year the town square and many other parts of the town are decorated to resemble the movie we all loved as kids. Most years someone from the original cast will be in town for the pumpkin lighting ceremony. This year there was special in that a monument dedication for Debbie Reynolds occurred along with the yearly pumpkin lighting.


It is free to attend. If you go on a busy day you may have to pay to park, somewhere around $10. There is a small concession stand that offers snacks and hot apple cider for $1. If you really want to enjoy everything the town has to offer you may want to bring a little extra spending money. It can be done for less. I only spent $3. Just enough to get each of the kids a hot apple cider for our long walk around the town.


Along with the decorated town square you will find a haunted house, multiple sights of the filming of Twilight, and many other events. You can find the full schedule of events here: Spirit of HalloweenTown 2017 

Haley at HalloweenTown

This really isn’t something you want to miss if your in the area this time of year.

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