Halloween Wedding: A Festival To Remember

Halloween Wedding: A Festival To Remember

I married my wife on Halloween. Strange day for a wedding, but it was perfect. We always wanted a Summer wedding. We had decided on a country theme. But like many things in life, wedding plans change in an instant. A Halloween wedding would have to do. 

Why We Chose Halloween



We were tired of waiting to get married. Summer was over and it would be another year before we finally said “I do”. After six years of living together there comes a time when you want to be legit. So we chose the soonest possible weekend that we could fit into our schedule. Lucky for me, I already had the time off work.


We wanted both of our families to be there for our wedding. Since my parents have a big Halloween party for the family every year, we knew everyone would already have that date saved on their calendars. We took advantage of this. People don’t generally travel out of town for Halloween so a majority of our family were home that weekend. It’s never fun to have a wedding your family isn’t a part of.


If we had to have a late fall wedding, why not have some fun with it. Nightmare Before Christmas was our wedding theme. I was a little concerned about how it would all work out decoration wise but we had a pretty good wedding decorator on our team. Thanks mom!


It’s impossible to forget my anniversary. It’s on every calendar. Not to mention that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Still to this day our kids point out everything with Nightmare Before Christmas on it because it reminds them of our wedding. I know that twenty years from now they will be out trick-or-treating with their kids and remember to call us to say “Happy Anniversary”. I know this because on the first day of spring I’ll hear someone say “it’s finally spring” and it reminds me to call my parents.

We’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary this year. Maybe a trip to a haunted house is in store for us. Maybe just dinner and a scary movie. Either way, I found a way to make an awesome holiday even better.

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