Glass Beach, Dump Site: Weekly Wander

Glass Beach, Dump Site: Weekly Wander

Glass Beach was one of my favorite places to visit as a kid so I’m passing it along to my children.

kids at glass beach

I’ll get into all the history behind the beach itself in a moment. What’s important right now is for me to explain something to you. Although Glass Beach is a complete contradiction of the “Leave no trace” principle, I still require my kids to follow that rule when visiting. What I mean by that is what we find in nature, we leave in nature and visa versa. I visited this beach a lot as a kid. In the twenty or so years of visiting the amount of glass on the beach has greatly decreased. This is in large part due to people taking home pieces of glass for decoration or keepsake. We do not allow our kids to do this. We want it to still be as extraordinary when they bring their kids in twenty years. Please consider this when visiting. Now let’s continue…

Glass Beach

old dump site at glass beach


Glass beach is located in MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg, California. In 1906 this became the site of a dump for local residents. This remained the case until 1967. As the dump site began to fill, two new sites were established slightly north on the shoreline. What is considered to be “Glass Beach” is the last and furthest north site. I prefer to visit the original sight as it has a large formation of fossil-like garbage. Here you will find spark plugs, glass bottles, shoe soles, and car axles, all embedded in this large clump of dirt.


It will cost you your soul. Just kidding. It’s free, obviously.


The view you will find here is amazing. The rock formations surrounding this part of the shoreline are beautiful. They are also fun to climb on. When the tide is low you may be able to find some tide pools.

If you don’t like cleaning endless amounts of sand off of your kids after a visit to the beach, this is the place for you. Go check it out.

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