Frank’s Noodle House: Weekly Wander

Frank’s Noodle House: Weekly Wander

My wife has been asking me to take her to Frank’s Noodle House for a few months now. So I finally gave in. As usual, she was right. The food was amazing.

Ferg at frank's noodle house

Frank’s Noodle House

frank's noodle house menu


LaMian (hand pulled noodles) were first made in China in the 1800s. They have continued as a tradition. The noodles are made by stretching and folding the dough into strands.  The noodles are then dropped into boiling water.


The prices were very reasonable for the quality. I would have gladly (and expected) paid close to twice as much for the food and setting they provided. You can view their prices on the menu provided in the link above.


The food was delicious. The noodle dish I tried was full of flavor, along with the Korean Barbecue and Egg Flower Soup.


The set up of the restaurant was very classy. I half expected to walk into a typical hole in the wall restaurant. The kind where you forgive the decor because the food is superb. That is not what you will find here. You get great food and a nice ambiance.

Steph at Frank's Noodle house

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