Ways To Make Extra Holiday Cash

Ways To Make Extra Holiday Cash

The holidays are drawing near. The time of year we all start to run the bank account dry. This year I’m giving you the inside track to get yourself a little extra holiday cash before it’s gets to that point. So without further adieu.

Get Your Extra Holiday Cash On..

Donate Your Plasma

donate plasma for extra holiday cash

Most places allow you to donate plasma twice a week Your body regenerates the plasma within one to two days. So while it might be a little scary, you literally have a replenish-able money source running through your veins.  You can make somewhere between 20 to 50 dollars for each donation. This means on the low-end you bring home an extra 40 dollars a week. Not to bad for a little down time.

Sell Your Stuff

sell your stuff for extra holiday cash

You know you have stuff you don’t want and don’t need. Your trash may be another person’s treasure. Facebook has a great marketplace to sell your old stuff. Give it a shot. Don’t rush at the first person who offers you 10 dollars under the asking price. Wait it out. If you don’t have it sold after a week, take the offer.

Work Overtime

work overtime for extra holiday cash

If you have a job that allows you to work overtime, now is the time to jump on it. Getting paid a little extra to do a job you already do everyday is the way to go. Plus this will make you look good to the bosses. It shows your dedication. Do this once a week and you can throw a few hundred extra in the bank for Christmas.

Get A Part Time Job

get a job for extra holiday cash

Seasonal jobs are good if you can get one. Trying to fit it into your schedule is the difficult part. Try out a work from home job or a job that lets you make your own hours. I recently signed up with Uber Eats. It’s just like driving for Uber but I don’t have to let people I don’t know in my car. I just bring them their food. If you don’t mind people being in your car, there is always Lyft.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us your secrets to extra spending money for the holidays.

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