Cook’s Chasm Turnout: Weekly Wander

Cook’s Chasm Turnout: Weekly Wander

We stop at Cook’s Chasm Turnout almost every time we drive up the coast. And it’s still amazing, no matter how many times you see it.

the kids freezing at cook's chasm

This was one of the first places we wandered to when we moved to Oregon. We had stopped at it once on a road trip from Southern California to Seattle. We just keep going back, time and time again.

Cook’s Chasm Turnout

sign for cook's chasm


Cook’s Chasm Turnout is located on Highway 101 in Oregon. You will find it just South of Cape Perpetua. Here you will find a paved turnout with a paved trail that leads down to the rocky shoreline. You will have a great view of the Spouting Horn. This is a split in the rock formation where the waves crash against the rocks and spray through holes in the rock formations.


There is no fee to park here. It is a great alternative to the Cape Perpetua parking lot that requires a $5 fee or a NW Forest Pass.


Not only will you get a great view of the shoreline. It’s also a great place to whale watch. From here you can access Thor’s Well which is a whole beauty in itself.

the spouting horn at cook's chasm

While this may not be a whole day adventure, you definitely don’t want to pass it up if you are in the area.

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