Alki Beach: Weekly Wander

Alki Beach: Weekly Wander

Sometimes knowing the locals goes a long way. That’s how we found Alki Beach in West Seattle.

Kids at Alki beach

A friend of ours who lives in the Seattle area took us to Alki Beach. We enjoyed walking along the beach, the sidewalks, the storefronts. After spending some time at the beach we walked inland about a block to find an awesome playground. From there we hiked to an overpass that was covered in some amazing art work. Don’t forget to say hello to the locals that live under the overpass. They won’t bite. I don’t think. They could very possibly steal your Lime Bike and throw it off into the river below. I haven’t seen it happen. But there is evidence to suggest that it has happened.

Alki Beach

Steps at Alki beach


Alki Beach, located in West Seattle, is the site where the first white settlers to Seattle arrived in 1851. They were taken in by Chief Seattle and his tribe. In 1907 an amusement park was built similarly to Coney Island. A fire destroyed the park in 1931 and was taken over by the city in 1954.


Free. No cost to enter. Parking can be hard to find but is also free.


Along with being able to play on the beach with your kids, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Seattle skyline. You will also find many different dining and coffee options. About a block in from the beach there is a playground open to the public.

The view from Alki beach

The view of the Seattle skyline alone was worth the drive. It’s definitely road trip worthy, even if you have to battle some traffic to get there.

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