22 Below, Rolled Ice Cream: Weekly Wander

22 Below, Rolled Ice Cream: Weekly Wander

We like to keep it local sometimes too. Lucky for us 22 Below, rolled ice cream, just opened up down the road.

Ferg and kids at 22 below rolled ice cream

Before this I’d never tried rolled ice cream. It’s a pretty cool concept. I’m ashamed to say I’m not really an ice cream fan myself. Too many carbs. My wife and kids love ice cream though. So we decided to wander on down to this ice cream shop that opened recently. If you haven’t tried rolled ice cream, now is the time. Although I don’t think it tastes any different, it’s just really cool to eat. Pardon the pun.

22 Below: Rolled Ice Cream

Fruity pebbles rolled ice cream


Rolled ice cream, also called stir fried ice cream, began in Thailand sometime around 2009. It didn’t increase in worldwide popularity until about 2015. Rolled ice cream is made when milk and your choice of ingredients are poured on a steel plate and chilled to below freezing. 22 Below is definitely on the brink of a trend.


The variety of ingredients offered at 22 below is great. They have so many different options to choose from. You should get the fruity pebbles ice cream if you like fruity pebbles. Mainly because its one of the only places where you can get fruity pebbles in your ice cream.


For a start up company the decor was surprising. I was expecting more of a college dorm. What I found instead was a clean, minimalist, colorful environment. The customer service wasn’t too bad either.

Kids at 22 below rolled ice cream

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